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Founder, Denver Women Invest

Co-Owner, ERIN + JAMES Real Estate





I hesitated to make an all female group for fear of reinforcing stereotypes on both sides, but I've found I get more value out of female networking: I learn more, I ask more questions. And, I feel the people around me also get the same benefits.

It's just a different perspective that happens to be female. 



  • I'm 100% spreadsheet nerd.

  • I am all about annual goals.

  • I try to read 30 minutes every day.

  • I 100% support stalking: if you want to come but you don't want to talk, I get it. 

  • I unapologetically love reality tv. 

  • I own 4 properties with my husband/business partner, James, in Denver, Colo Spgs and Mexico.

  • Regarding real estate...

    • I am a real estate agent that services Denver and Colorado Springs​

    • I am a real estate consultant (1 hour sessions to help people work through any purchase issues they are having)

    • I am a real estate author

  • I got into real estate because I wanted to own my own business, and have been pleasantly surprised to learn that I absolutely love real estate.

Tel: 719-491-4949

Denver + Colorado Springs

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