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Good Investments Means Good Giving

Oddly, for books centered on bolstering wealth, all three advocate contributing to charity. They say this is the right thing to do in itself, but they also say it’s worth doing on a spiritual level: The more you share with the universe, they contend, the more the universe will share with you. - NYTimes 10/11/19

Because my business centers around investing (and specifically, real estate investing in Colorado Springs and Denver), I have mixed feelings about what the infusion of cash does to communities. On the one hand, buying property and land in a community and renting it out (either on Airbnb or as a more traditional long-term investment), adds people to the community, helps local business and may beautify an area that has otherwise been ignored (this is what happens a lot when investors buy in C-class neighborhoods). On the other hand, having outside money enter and exit the community does not exactly support the community. There is a risk that people who do not live in that area will only suck money out of it without giving much back.

To help curb my squeamishness around that subject, I encourage all of my investors to give money (a donation) back to the communities they are investing in. This does two things: 1.) it helps the community you have purchased property in, so they are getting something out of it; and 2.) it makes you feel as the investor, more connected to the community where you are at. Doing a little research on where you want to give a small donation helps you understand some of the growing pains around that community, and/or what's unique about it. Case in point, Colorado Springs has a group called the Catamount Institute, which focuses on connecting kids to the outdoors. Since Colorado's best little secret is it's amazing weather and (it's more recognized secret) awesome outdoor recreation, it is uniquely Colorado... and when out of state investors find out more about the Catamount Institute, they also learn more about the community they are entering.

In general, I think if you are in a position to invest, you probably have done a few things right, and have also had a few things go right for you, and to say thanks to the universe, I think it makes a lot of sense to include in your investing or house-buying plans, a donation (however big or small) in a community that is going to help your community.

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