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want to be on our monthly email distribution list? shoot me an email at and I'll add you. thx. 
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Tel: 719-491-4949

Denver + Colorado Springs

  • The group caters to all investor levels. Newcomers are welcome/appreciated/coddled. We won't make you feel weird.
  • The purpose of Denver Women Invest is to educate and be educated, meet like-minded people and gain access to resources (people, books, referrals) to make informed decisions. 
  • Until the world gets normal again, the meetings are held at this link:
  • Meetings start at 11AM Mountain Standard Time and are 30-60 minutes long | 2nd Tuesday of the month
    There will always be an organized and focused meeting.

  • could be a mix of any of the following:
    • ​speaker
    • popular investing topics
    • podcast episode
  • The focus is on investing and investing education. Sometimes that takes the form of real estate investing, other times it looks like a discussion around stocks, notes, apps, etc. 
  • Resources. We're good at documenting and sharing information that can help you get where you want to go (be that a general contractor, a lender, a financial planner, etc).
  • The mailing list- we usually mail a week before, the day before and (sometimes) a followup. No more, no less).
  • Find past presentations here
Full disclosure: I'm a real estate agent and I want your business from this group/would love your business, but sales makes me very uncomfortable- so there's absolutely no pitch and no expectation. 

  • Sales, weird networking, bragging, unnecessary platitudes about women running the world, etc. 

Interested? Please email for info, general questions, timid hellos, aggressive hellos, thoughts on investing, etc. 
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